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What is the use of boron nitride ceramics

What is the use of boron nitride ceramics

What is the use of boron nitride ceramics

Boron nitride can be used to manufacture crucibles for smelting semiconductors, high temperature containers for metallurgy, amorphous swing nozzles, heat dissipation insulating parts for semiconductors, high temperature bearings, thermocouple bushings and glass forming dies, etc。

Boron nitride is usually made of graphite structure, commonly known as white graphite。 The other is diamond type, which is similar to the principle of graphite transforming into diamond。 Graphite type boron nitride can be transformed into diamond type boron nitride at high temperature (1800 C) and high pressure (800 Mpa)。 The B-N bond length (156 pm) of this boron nitride is similar to that of diamond in C-C bond length (154 pm), density and hardness。 Its heat resistance is better than that of diamond。 It is a new type of superhard material with high temperature resistance。 It is used to make drills, abrasives and cutting tools。

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