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· Enterprise Purpose

Take the enterprise as the standard, take the society as its own duty, create wealth and perfect oneself.

· Strategic approach

Win by quality, adjust structure, expand market, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

· Quality policy

People-oriented, quality competition, overall optimization and continuous improvement.

· People-oriented

According to the requirements of enterprise management and product quality, we organize staff to train basic knowledge of laws, regulations and quality system documents, improve staff's comprehensive quality, form a new and flexible mechanism to educate and employ people, and constantly adapt to the requirements of market and enterprise development.

· Quality Competition

Market-oriented, create brand strategy, use corrective and preventive measures, as well as product protection measures, identify and achieve product requirements, win by quality, so as to achieve customer satisfaction.

· Overall optimization

Armed with a brand-new corporate culture and spirit, we should establish enterprise system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, promote the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of enterprises, integrate culture into quality and quality into the market, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction.

· Continuous improvement

With innovation and development, we have continuously improved the effectiveness of the quality system, product performance, customer service and other aspects, and continuously introduced competitive products to achieve customer satisfaction.

· Business Philosophy

Excellent quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and satisfactory service


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Address: Yeyuan Town, Yexi Village, Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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Sweep into the mobile station

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