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Composite boron nitride ceramics

Composite boron nitride ceramics

Composite boron nitride ceramics

The hot-pressed composite boron ceramics produced by Zhuoyutao adopt the advanced vacuum hot-pressing sintering process. With the leading technical support in the industry and unique material mix, it ensures that the materials have good thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and other properties. It is suitable for a series of high-performance industrial applications.

Zhuoyutao can improve material proportion and complete solution according to industry demand to achieve the best effect of customer use.

Product characteristics

High thermal conductivity, pressed into various forms, used as high temperature, high pressure, insulation, heat dissipation components, such as aircraft, rocket engine nozzles.

2. Excellent thermal shock resistance and erosion resistance. It is used in Amorphous Ribbon Making and amorphous nozzles, three-dimensional printing metal powder diversion tubes, nozzles, etc.

3。 High strength non-sticking, applied to various hot-pressing dies。

Technical parameters


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