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Boron nitride ceramics

Boron nitride ceramics

High purity Boron nitride ceramics

The hot-pressed hexagonal boron nitride ceramics produced by Zhuoyutao adopt the advanced vacuum hot-pressing sintering process. With the leading technical support in the industry, the materials have excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal properties, and are suitable for a series of high-performance industrial applications.

Zhuoyutao can provide high-purity boron nitride ceramics with different binder additions according to industry requirements, complete solutions, covering a variety of industry applications and customized profiles.

Product characteristics

The application of boron nitride ceramics mainly depends on the characteristics of boron nitride, so what role does nitriding play?

1. Excellent high temperature resistance (temperature can be over 2000C in vacuum and inert atmosphere), which can be used as packaging material to prevent neutron radiation, such as the structure of atomic reactor Geduqiu production.

2. High thermal conductivity, pressed into various forms, used as high temperature, high pressure, insulation, heat dissipation components, such as aircraft, rocket engine nozzles.

3. It has high wettability to molten metals, slag and glass, excellent electrical insulation performance at high temperature, high temperature solid lubricants, such as various optical glass defilm agents, metal release agents and metal wire drawing lubricants, separating rings for continuous casting steel in metallurgy.

4. Extremely high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, special electrolytic and resistive materials at high temperature, such as insulators of high voltage and high frequency electric and plasma arc, and evaporating boats with various aluminium plating.

5. Easy to machine, can be processed according to the needs of the shape and size required.

Product performance

It can be used to manufacture crucibles for smelting semiconductors, high temperature containers for metallurgy, heat dissipation and insulation parts for semiconductors, high temperature bearings, thermocouple bushings and glass forming dies, etc。

Technical parameters


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